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Having a normal metabolic rate or having a fast metabolism is one of the keys to healthy living and one of the first things that should be achieved in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, in fact to live at all, since it is one of the vital processes in the body. Metabolic process is actually the group of the chemical reactions which are necessary for normal functioning of the organism. That is, those reactions turn the nutrients from foods which contain the energy in the raw form into the energy in the form that can e used by the organism and for another purposes. So, it is similar to the photosynthesis in plants; the process consists of decomposing the nutrients and distributing them to the places they are needed.

As already said, the key to any successful diet and any losing weight program is to maintain a good metabolism and here are some beverages, recommended by the dieticians, which increase and balance the metabolic rate. Of course, these beverages help only in the combination with leading a healthy lifestyle, or to be more precise, with sleeping properly, with some aerobic workout, the increased intake of the beneficial nutrients (which includes avoiding the fast foods and fatty and harmful products) and with trying to stay away from the stress and pressure if possible.

The Beneficial Beverages

As far as the fluids are concerned, naturally; first of all, one should drink a lot more water (at least two litters on a daily basis). Water stimulates the better kidney and liver functions, thus making the process of decomposing the fats easier.

Besides water, some teas are especially beneficial for metabolism, for example the green tea contains the substances of thermogenic agents which encourage the catabolic and anabolic functions. Also, similarly to the previous mentioned tea (because of those heating agents), the tea from mate is used as the booster of metabolism; however, it stimulates the immune system and minimizes the effect of stress on the body, as well.

When it comes to the fat burners, Celsius and guarana provide the fastest effect, but they should be used very carefully because they are rich in caffeine. That is, the people who suffer from the coronary diseases and nervous problems mustn’t consume them.

The beverages which contain very little concentration of calories and which, at the same time, encourage and balance the metabolic rate are enviga (which should be drunk in the quantity of around 6 dl per day) and the juice from the gogi berry, which even helps the development of the muscular tissue (because it contains high concentration of amino acids, antioxidants and potassium).

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