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The filling effect of food

As everyone has noticed, certain foods have a more filling effect on a person than others. Even though, a can of soda and an English muffin have about the same amount of calories per serving, it is not hard to tell which of the two will provide a more filling choice for breakfast.

Some people who diet tend to eat a lot less, but they are also eating foods that are not that filling. This results in the person feeling hungry again very soon.

There are some foods that can satiate the body better than others. These foods should be eaten when someone is dieting as well, because people will then be able to eat smaller amounts with smaller calories, but again not feel hungry and feel like they have eaten a full meal.

Food that is filling

Potatoes are at the top of the list of foods that are filling.

Baked potatoes are a great meal choice for people who are dieting. A baked potato is three times more filling than a slice of white bread. However, not all potato-based meals are as filling. It is important to know that a person eating French fries instead of a baked potato will not feel nearly as full.

Fish is not only filling, but it also has a lot less calories than most other food that is just as filling.

A person can probably eat three times more fish in one serving than beef or pork and still have consumed less calories.

It is also important to note that since there are so many varieties of fish available, people do not have to eat the same kind every single day. So not only does fish fill a person very well, it also gives them options of various kinds of tastes and because of this, it is hard to get bored of eating fish.

There are also dozens of different ways to prepare fish. It can be grilled, ground and put into tacos, or thrown into a fresh salad. The options are almost endless.

People usually do not expect fruit to be filling, but apples and oranges are incredibly filling.

This is because they are loaded with fiber, which fills the stomach pretty quickly.

When a person wants to eat pasta, they should probably go for the whole wheat variety, because it is both more filling and healthier. White flour pasta is burned through very quickly, while the whole wheat variety will keep a person feeling full for a much longer period of time.

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