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All the different food choices that are open to us is phenomenal and quite intimidating for most. In this day and age, people are generally aware of what are the implications of being unhealthy, the supermarkets are also aware of the lifted demand for eating healthy. However the majority of people still don’t eat as healthy as they should primarily because of the expense of the healthy options compared to the good old tins and cans. If you think about it, it will actually work out cheaper over time because you will be saving a lot of money on those costly medical bills.Hints and Tips to Use When You’re in the Supermarket

Have you noticed how deceiving and manipulative the supermarkets are. As an example, when you next go in, have a look to see what brands are on the shelves which are eye level and easily reached. Then take a look to see where the cheaper option of that particular food is, it will probably be on the lowest or the highest shelve. So, next time in the market save yourself a few pennies and always take the time to search for the cheaper bargain deals. Another way to save on the pennies is to leave all family members at home because everyone wants this and that. A great to save on the cash is having a look for the food that is close to the sell by date because the shops often sell this at a cheaper rate. Obviously if you go food shopping, make sure you are not hungry since you know what will happen in that case. The best tip for saving the pennies is to write out your weekly menu and ingredients before you hit the shops as this will stop you from straying.

What Food Choices to Make

There is absolutely no point in going for brand names, they are very expensive and no different to their cheaper cousins. Don’t be swayed by the cheap tinned processed foods either, they seem cheap but if you were to make from scratch the macaroni and cheese dish it will go a lot further and be healthier for you and your family. Beef is expensive and not exactly healthy, so instead go for turkey and/or chicken, frozen fish is also cheaper than fresh fish and there’s no difference in the taste or health factor.

Turkey meal

Obtain all of the bones when you’re finished and make a soup. This will make your pennies go further and a turkey soup is delicious and healthy.

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