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Most people get flu or common cold during the winter time. Ifnot you, than some people around you, friends, colleagues or family will getsick. Orange juice might be very helpful to avoid the cold, because it containsplenty of vitamin C, but remember that it’s not an almighty weapon against thecold.

How to Prevent Cold

As said, vitamin C is one of the best things you can take tomaintain perfect health and to avoid the cold. Other vitamin supplements,especially in the form of multivitamin tablets, and also some iron and zinc arewelcomed if you want to stay cold-free during the winter.

Common cold usually manifests as sore throat. To avoid that,make sure to be always well hydrated. Sufficient amount of water is about 8 oreven more glasses of clear water every day. This water will help you prevent thesore throat, but also aid you to get rid of the harmful bacteria in your body. Sorethroat can also be managed with some warm milk with added turmeric. This remedyis made from half of a teaspoon of turmeric and a glass of warm milk. The recommendationis to use it every day, for it should be beneficial for both prevention and cureof sore throat and common cold.

Infections, including common cold, are best avoided by maintainthe surroundings clean. Humidifier in the house has also proven to be helpful inavoiding the cold.

Useful Tricks to Survive the Cold

When you’re sick there are always several things you’llneed. Soft tissues, some soup, water, milk or tea, honey, some food and orangejuice will be handy at any time, but very useful when you’re not feeling well.Of course, the best thing is to stay in bed for a while.

If you’re not feeling well and your nose is plugged, trydrinking some tea. It will hydrate you and give you some calories (if you sweetenedit) for some time. After a while, try actually eating something – the soup is alwaysa good choice. Perhaps the best is hot and sour soup, because you could easilyswallow it and the tofu and eggs will be quite nutritional. You can also go forany thin soup, wonton or chicken noodle soup and they will make you feel atleast a bit better.

Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Water, teas, milkor Gatorade will all help you to stay hydrated and prevent sore throat. Warm milkwith couple of drops of honey is always recommended as well. Use tissuesfrequently, for snorting and swallowing of the mucus may cause even more cold-relatedproblems, such as stuffed nose or sore throat.

Sleep the cold over. If you can’t sleep because of thestuffed nose take some cold medicine.

Additional things you can try the next day are Jamba Juicethat is said to boost you immune system, and some real food, like salads, turkeyor cheese sandwiches.

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