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Are you getting migraine attachs? Many people will not even think of any activity or exercise that requires movement once a terribly painful headache strikes.

Migraines are especially worsened by any activity or movement. But certain studies have shown that carefully planned exercises such as walking can greatly reduce headaches and lessen the intensity once a headache strikes.

A consistent plan of a daily walking routines can help reduce the intensity of chronic headaches. Outdoor air is additionally helpful because it is a lot different from the air indoors, which is full of dust mites and various chemicals that do not help much with headaches. The perfect mix of outdoor air and carefully planned physical activities significantly reduces the level of pain associated with headaches.

One should take notice that exercise can also triggers headaches.

Medications such as beta-blockers can increase the potential for headaches induced by exercises and affect performance during those exercises. This usually happens because the medications lower the pulse and limit the heart’s capability of contracting.

Warming up before exercises can greatly help in reducing the possibility of headaches triggered by such activities. Once it is all summed up, walking turns out to be the most preferable form of exercise. Sometimes doctors may suggest Indomethacin which is a medication used against inflammatory conditions and helps keeping the headaches at bay while walking.

Walking does not call for any equipment and can be performed anywhere. It also provides all the health benefits of exercises without the risk connected with other more intense exercises.

A gradual expansion of goals is very important. Distance walked can be increased with time, and one can also alter the pace during walking. Studies have shown that walks of half an hour per day for three days a week cut the frequency of headaches by half.

Obesity also contributes to headaches, so walking is also helpful in weight loss programs. A friend can join the walk for some good social time and to keep the motivation at high levels. Walking reduces stress instantly and keeps the mood up.

Poor insulation of homes is the main reason why indoor air quality is generally worse than outdoor air. Due to the tightly insulated new homes, there is not enough fresh air circulating throughout the home. The air gets contaminated by various substances and makes headaches even worse. The windows should be open during the milder months of the year as much as possible.

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