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Wormwood or Artemisia Absinthum, known as green ginger, is perennial plant with yellow flowers and greenish-gray leaves, native to Euroasia and northern Africa. In United States, it is cultivated in central and northwestern areas.

It has a narcotic property and due to wormwood herb aroma and bitterness it is commonly used in number of alcoholic beverages preparation for adding intoxication and flavor. It is used in beers, absinth, martini, vermouth, campari, and pastis. Bitter taste of wormwood comes from absinthin and artabsin existence in herb.

Tujone in wormwood has a specific aroma and odor thereby it is often used in deodorants. Still, precaution is advised because it has significantly high dilution that should not be inhaled.

This herb has been used as pesticide, to repel insects, slugs and snails due to its odor. It restricts weeds growth as well.

Worm wood is very toxic, especially pure wormwood essential oil so it must not be taken lightly and must be used in proper doses and after consultation with a doctor or naturopath.

Therapeutic use

Medical use of wormwood includes treatment for various infections and conditions:

Wormwood is used as a tonic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, stomachic, stimulant, carminative, sedative, anthelmintic, antipyretic and cholagogue. Wormwood essential oils are used for eliminating intestinal worms such as round worms, tape worms, hook worms, etc. In case of improper nutrition absorption, it can help with limited body growth with children. Cholalgogue property of wormwood is good for treating indigestion since it stimulates production of bile juice that is key element in food digestion. Also, it alleviates acidity and ulcers that result from acidity because it counteracts surplus acid in the stomach.Emmenagogue qualitty of wormwood is beneficial for treating headache, nausea, fatigue, abdominal cramps, etc. Additionally, it stimulates menstrual periods in women which is excellent effect since obstructed menstruation may consequently lead to severe conditions like tumors and cancer of the uterus.It is used for improving appetite since wormwood’s bitterness increases saliva production.Surface injures can be prevented from infection since wormwood has anti infective quality.For relieving the pain, it is given to women during labor, as well as to patients suffering from cancer and tumors pain.It is used for expelling excess water maintained in tissue and for an urarthritis treatment. Wormwood is beneficial to kidney, liver, gallbladder and stomach conditions.Herb aids in fighting against mushroom, hemlock and sea dragon poisoning.Wormwood stimulates blood flow and improves blood circulation. Oil of the plant is cardiac stimulant.

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