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Thyme or Thymus vulgaris is a herb generally used as spice or herbal tea. Thyme is medicinal herb because it is rich in essential oils. Thyme essential oil is extracted from flowers and leaves of the fresh herb by process of steam distillation.

Thyme essential oil has the anti-rheumatic, anti-septic, bactericidal, diuretic, spasmodic and cardiac properties. Also, it is insecticide, tonic and stimulant.

This oil can be combined with bergamot, rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, lavender and pine essential oil.

It must be avoided during pregnancy and it sometimes causes allergy. Thyme essential oil can also be irritant, sensitizing and hypertensive.


Anti-rheumatic. Rheumatism originates in circulation failure and increased amount of toxins in blood. Thyme essential oil heals both conditions in a way that works as diuretic and stimulant. Anti-septic. Thyme oil fights with infections and acts as a safeguard thanks to components caryophyllene and camphene. Anti-spasmodic. Spasm is involuntary contraction in muscles, nerves, intestines and respiratory tract. Cardiac. Hart conditions are responsive to thyme essential oil due to its antispasmodic quality (relaxes the veins and arteries) and as a tonic since it tones up the heart. Bechic. Thyme essential oil must be considered when antibiotics fail. It is beneficial to lungs, bronchi, larynx and pharynx hence eliminating cough. Carminative. Gases can affect appetite, sleep, blood pressure level and bring stomach cramps, headache, vomiting and nausea. This condition can be treated with thyme essential oil. Diuretic. Kidney problems can be the reason for holding water in the body and salt in the blood which means the concentration of toxins can be enlarged. As diuretic, thyme oil prompts urination hence bad matters. The oil is good for weight loss, decreasing blood pressure and inducing digestion. Cicatrisant. Thyme essential oil is a remedy for treating scars, acne, sores, pox, marks and dark spots on your skin. Emenagogue. Thyme essential oil can help with painful and irregular menstrual periods. It alleviates pain in abdomen, fatigue, nausea, depression and PMS symptoms in general. The oil is stimulating estrogen production so it is improving fertility. Expectorant. Helpful to healing of infections followed by cough and cold. Insecticide. Thyme essential oil keeps away mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bed bugs, beetles, moths and parasites. It can destroy them as well. Hypersensitive. Thyme oil can balance the blood pressure. Stimulant. The oil stimulates entire metabolism (circulation, digestion, nervous system). Tonic. Enhances the immune system and tones up circulation, skin, muscles, heart and digestion. Vermifuge. Thyme essential oil kills intestinal worms.

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