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Everybody knows that apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for human health and that it has numerous uses, both internally and externally. Wine vinegar seems to be less popular among the health enthusiasts, but this is not very fair, as wine vinegar also possesses certain beneficial properties.

About wine vinegar

Every type of vinegar is obtained in a two-stage fermentation process. First, the yeast converts juice into alcohol. Then, the bacteria converts alcohol into acid. Any fruit or food item containing sugar can be used for this fermentation process. The most popular types of vinegar are made from apples and grapes. If the apples are used, the resulting product is apple cider vinegar. With grapes, the fermentation can produce either balsamic or wine vinegar.

Wine vinegar is the most commonly used type of vinegar in the Mediterranean countries and Central Europe. It is made from red or white wine, and its quality, much like the wine, can vary from modest to excellent. Wine vinegar is less acidic than apple cider or white vinegar.

Health benefits of wine vinegar

Since it is made from wine, this type of vinegar keeps some of the qualities and benefits associated with wine. Wine is known for its ability to slow down aging processes, improve the lung functioning, clean the arteries, prevent coronary heart disease and prevent certain types of cancer.

Studies performed in Europe have shown that wine vinegar can significantly lower the glycemic index. Those studies observed the effect of vinegar after a meal consisting of only high-carbohydrate white bread, which would normally raise the glycemic index. It has been confirmed that the post-meal glycemic index was lower in persons who ate the same meal but followed it with vinegar.

Diets maintaining low glycemic index are an efficient way to prevent diabetes type 2 and some forms of cardiovascular disease.

Wine vinegar contains the same antioxidants as wine, namely resveratrol and catechins. These antioxidants have been proven to be very useful in protection of cardiovascular health.

Wine vinegar is great if used in salads and marinades. If consumed daily, its effects on the overall health will be extraordinary. However, wine vinegar can also be applied topically. It has astringent properties and it can be used for skin irritations, cuts, bruises.

It is better to use white wine vinegar instead of red wine vinegar, in order to avoid color stains on the skin. Wine vinegar can be used as a relief for jellyfish stings, and if added to the bath water in the tub, it can help with sunburns.

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