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There are many types of the diets found on the internet, books, recommendations, magazines and so on. Some may work for one person whilst have absolutely no effect on another person.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made via the fermentation of apples. The apples are crushed followed by the usual fermentation procedure using yeast and sugar. In the second phase, bacteria is added which creates the vinegar. The mixture of fruit pectin and acidic vinegar makes the apple juice acidic. Because of this unique combination it softens fat and thus stifles hunger.

Does Apple Cider Diet Work

There is a debate as to whether the vinegar diet works or not. There has been research that was conducted that proved that apple cider vinegar did work on people that were obese. Research that was performed on animals showed that the apple cider vinegar did in fact lower the blood glucose levels and took down the cholesterol levels. You can read a book called Vermont Doctor's Guide to Good Health which will go through all the positives of apple cider vinegar. In Sweden, there are scientists that disagree with this as they tested the apple cider vinegar pills and found no effects on weight loss. They only found the side effects which were mild, such as weakness and lack of energy.

The Conclusion of Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people have heard of the famous apple cider vinegar diet and many of these people highly recommend it. However there is no evidence to support that it actually helps towards weight loss. There are quite a few doctors, especially in America that recommend two to three tea spoons of apple cider vinegar prior to a meal as they believe it will suppress the person's need to over eat. You need to be careful because it is, of course, acidic and can damage the lining of the stomach if you take it too much. Pills were formed by the manufacturers to help cut out this problem. It is believed they are safer to take as well as contributed to the safety of the tooth enamel. Mostly though, this particular type of health tonic is far better suited to helping a person with headaches, migraines, arthritis, fatigue and diabetes. Apple cider vinegar is healthy due to the vitamins and minerals it contains but it cannot be used alone for the assistance towards weight loss.

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