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What is a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a simple surgical procedure in which the vas deferens is being cut and sealed, and the result is incapability to carry the sperm to semen. It is done by elderly men who have families and children and are positively sure that they don`t want any more offspring. One should not do it if he is going to regret it later, which is why it is advised to think carefully before reaching this decision. The procedure of vasectomy is not so complicated. On the contrary, it is very simple and lasts for only a half an hour. It is conducted under local anesthesia, which is given in order to numb the scrotum. According to the experience of men who went through this procedure, during the procedure no pain is felt.

After the procedure, two stitches are placed on the openings where a patient was cut, but they usually vanish in a few days. The preparation for this procedure is not so demanding, but anyway, the patient needs to wash the scrotum before the surgery, to shave the area from the base of the penis to the scrotum, to wear athletic support and comfortable fitting pants. He should not take Aspirin at least 10 days before the surgery, because it has a characteristic to thin your blood, which may make him more liable to extreme bleeding.

Risks of vasectomy

The risks and side effects that can appear after the vasectomy are not so common, but in some cases, the side effects can be fever, difficulty in urinating, bleeding, infection, swellings, a lump in the scrotum area. If you notice some of these symptoms, you should pay a visit to your doctor in order to start the treatment.

The benefits of vasectomy

As we have already written in the article, the first benefit of vasectomy is birth control. But, it also gives us freedom to completely enjoy sexual intercourse with our partner, since unwanted pregnancy is no longer an issue. Statistics say that 30 % of couples have improved their sexual life and the number of sexual intercourses has increased due to the vasectomy. The same percentage relates to the strengthening of marriage. People are enjoying their marriage and are feeling good about that. Vasectomy also helps females in a way that they do not have to take birth control pills.

The price

The price is surprisingly low and in the USA, it varies between $ 500 and $ 1000. In most cases, it is covered with your insurance policy, thus leaving you little or nothing to pay.

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