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Vasectomy as a method of contraception

This procedure is surely one of the safest methods ofcontraception, because as a result, during ejaculation the sperm is unable tojoin the semen. Even though the procedure does not last longer than 20 minutes,it is 100% effective when it comes to prevention of the unwanted pregnancy. Still,those who are considering vasectomy should be aware of the fact that some timeneeds to pass in order for the results to be that effective, and the necessarytime is usually six to eight weeks. Until then, other methods of contraceptionshould be used, because pregnancy is possible. The procedure itself consists of tying and sealing vasdeferens, which later prevents the sperm to enter into the seminal fluid.

Types of vasectomy

When it comes to the types of vasectomy, besides conventional,there are also facial interposition vasectomy, open-end and closed-endvasectomy, no scalpel vasectomy, laser vasectomy, and the type called vasclip implantation.In some cases, the patients themselves can choose the type of the surgery, while in othersthe surgeons are responsible for such decision. However, whichever type might be chosen, the patient does not have to worry because all the proceduresare done on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia, and they requirestaying in the hospital for only a few hours, while the recovery period does notlast longer than a few days.

Benefits and risks

When compared to female sterilization or tubal litigation,vasectomy is practically painless, relatively quick, and less expensive. As forthe possible side effects, swelling and bruising (which are the most common)are not serious and do not last long. Just like with any other surgery procedure,some complications are possible, but the truth is that they occur rarely. Besidesbleeding and infections, epididymitis or orchitis and sperm granuloma are themost frequently reported. However, they are easily treated with anti-inflammatory medications and a lot of rest. Adverse reaction of the immunesystem is also possible, but there is no reason for men to be concernedabout losing their masculinity, for example, because the amount of the ejaculated semen doesnot change drastically after the procedure, and neither does the appearance. Surely,they might be a little less interested in sex during the recovery period, butthe fact is that a number of men reported to enjoy sex much more after the procedure,because the risk of unwanted pregnancy is not present anymore.

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