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Vasectomy is a surgical procedure in which vasa deferentia of a man are separated from the rest of the genital tract and this way a man cannot ejaculate. This procedure is not invasive and is performed in men who do not want to have children any more. So actually this is a sort of birth control.

Before vasectomy a man should definitely consult a surgeon and make final decision whether he is going to undergo this surgical procedure. This has to be done as in most of the cases the surgery is irreversible and there is no coming back. Re-establishing of the function of vasa deferentia is not always possible.

Risks and Possible Complications of Vasectomy

Every single surgical procedure carries certain risk. In vasectomy the risks are minimal and complications are rather rare. However, they may occur. The man must be aware of the fact that vasectomy only presents a form of birth control and the procedure itself cannot be effective in protection against certain sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS or herpes simplex. The surgeon is also due to explain potential risks and complications prior the surgical procedure.

Vasectomy is performed under local anesthesia. Anesthetics may cause allergic reaction and this is the only one possible complication.

The sperm of a man is not eliminated through genital tract. It is absorbed by the body. The body may react to the sperm by producing antibodies and these antibodies may attack the sperm cells. In rare cases immune reaction can be a cause of arterial clogging and this is a huge risk factor for heart attack.

Bleeding is another possible complication of vasectomy. The blood may accumulate under the skin and cause edema of the penis or scrotum. The swelling withdraws in short period of time and leads to no further complications. In extreme cases, collection of blood may get infected. The infection can also affect the incision line but it is not so common.

Chronic pain in testicles is another possible complication of vasectomy. Fortunately, pain in testicles is only transitory and is caused by inflammation or congestion of the epididymis, a small organ placed on top of the testicle. Epididymitis is successfully treated with anti-inflammatory medication.

In rather rare cases the cuts that is made on vasa deferentia may naturally heal and join again. This can allow the sperm to enter genital canal and to be ejected in intercourse. This way a goal of the surgery has not been achieved and there is a need for re-operation.

Some men may have difficulties regarding sexual intercourse, but the issue is most commonly mental and the counseling can be suitable way for a man to overcome the problem.

And finally, sperm granulomas may form. These lumps are actually a collection of sperm and are harmless. They resolve spontaneously within certain period of time.

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