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Significantly lower amounts of estrogen in women after menopause causes physical change and uncomfortable symptoms. It also poses a greater risk for diseases like osteoporosis. Hormone replacement therapy controls the symptoms of menopause, prevents osteoporosis, and prevents female cancers and heart diseases.

Risk of heart disease development increases after menopause because of the connection of the changes of estrogen levels with the changes in the levels of fat in the blood. These changes can lead to heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Estrogen can even protect from high blood pressure and blood clots when taken in smaller doses. Hot flashes are sudden waves of heat transmitted from the chest to the neck and the face. Estrogen is always efficient in eliminating these conditions.

Osteoporosis is a disease that makes the bone more porous and gradually more prone to fracture. Estrogen lessens the possibility of osteoporosis after menopause in women. Oral or cream estrogen prevents burning, itching, painful intercourses and vaginal and bladder infections. The therapy is used to thicken the vaginal and bladder walls and to stimulate the vaginal glands.

Estrogen is also beneficial in reducing irritability, feelings of sadness and crying spells which are mostly typical during menopause. It also boosts the efficiency of certain antidepressant drugs. Progesterone therapy gets added to the estrogen therapy for the prevention of endometrial cancer can cause depression. Mood complexities caused by two different hormones must be worked out with thedoctor.

Female reproductive tract relies on estrogen and it restores the degenerative changes caused by menopause. It keeps the vagina more pliable and properly lubricated which is important for sexual activity. Androgen supplements are also beneficial in increasing the sexual desire and motivation, and ultimately sexual pleasure.

Calcium, vitamin D and various exercises are good for the health of bones but might not be enough in postmenopausal women. Sometimes Fosemax and Macklin need to be taken to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

When progesterone gets added to the therapy it adds more beneficial effects. The effects can be even further improved with the addition of testosterone to the therapy. Nasal spray, transversal and oral estrogens provide the best results. Estrogen cannot reverse sun damage, repair broken blood vessels and damage induced by smoking, but it can help in the regulation of oil gland activity.

Estrogen and progesterone combined have beneficial properties that keep the incidence of endometrial cancer at a lower rate. Endometrial cancer is a cancer of the uterus.

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