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Circumcision is mostly connected to religion, mostly Jewish people and some of the Islamic culture as well. It is held as a mark of religious and all other difference from those from other religions, and as such is, in most cases reserved only for those following a certain religious path since all others would seem to betray their own if theycircumcised.

However, this is pure nonsense. Circumcision should not be compared to genital mutilation of any source since it has been medically proven to reduce the risk for many genital diseases, some of them being highly contagious, even deadly.

Recent medical researches, from the end of the 20th century,have shown that circumcision reduces risk from the urinary tract infection greatly, especially in infants and children up to 16 years of age.

Circumcision is known to be an excellent way for fighting and preventing most of sexually transmitted diseases. One of them is the cervical cancer. It is proven that a significantly smaller number of Jewish women suffer from this fit, mainly because, in the majority of cases they tend to be married to circumcised, Jewish men.

Since, on the penile surface of men who have not undergone this procedure, there are more places for various bacteria to hide and breed, it is not strange that a higher number of diseases and viral infections tend to strike exactly this group of people. Circumcision eases hygiene procedure, again because there is no place where bacteria may hide. This procedure also reduces danger from suffering from penile cancer, again connected to the hygiene issues.

Several serious bacterial infections like banalities and pharoses are known to affect uncircumcised males, especially small children. These are known to be very painful and potentially dangerous if not treated timely.

It is not so hard to imagine how this simple procedure can help maintaining health further in life. Statistics and many medical experiments and surveys have shown the benefits of it while protecting yourself and your sexual partner from various bacterial and viral diseases that might more easily affect you if they have more places where to develop and evolve.

That being said leaves religious part of it aside, and concentrate on postulates of religion that matter to you and the others and fulfill you. Hygienically and from a medical point of view, circumcision is a good, healthy thing to be done as soon as possible because of the many benefits it brings and many worries it takes away.

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