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A vasectomy is a surgical procedure performed on men, whose goal is to cause sterilization. It is meant as a form of protection for the coupes who want to avoid having children in the future. A vasectomy is reversible for those who change their minds.

This procedure has been perfected over time, and the side effects are minimal. The surgery is performed under a local anesthesia which lessens the risks anesthetic side effects significantly. Also, the recovery is fast and the possibility of having some sort of post-operative problems are considerably reduced, while serious consequences are exceedingly unlikely.

Common side effects of vasectomy

One of the most common side effects of a vasectomy, which is also perfectly normal to experience after this procedure and does not signify that anything is wrong, is feeling discomfort and pain in the genital area. These are simply treated by making sure to rest and take it easy after the surgery and not perform any actions which might put a strain or pressure on the area. Applying cloths soaked with cold water will bring significant relief, as well as pain medications, if required.

What is also normal to experience after the procedure is a slight swelling and bruising. These are not a reason to be alarmed either. However, if these are followed by high fever, that is definitely a sign to consult a doctor because it could potentially mean that an infection has occurred. The sooner the doctor intervenes, the sooner the antibiotics will be administered and the infection will be taken care of.

Serious side effects of vasectomy

Granulomas and Epididymitis may occur if the person does not abide by the rules that require complete rest right after the surgery. Granulomas happens when the sperm, which should be prevented to reach the scrotal tissues after the surgery, leaks into the area causing the appearance of a huge bump which makes the body hypersensitive and prone to a change in temperature. Granulomas is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and it will most likely retreat a few days after the treatment. Epididymitis is the inflammation of the epididymus tube which connects the testicles that can also happen due to vasectomy. This side effect is also treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and is likely to resolve itself a week after the treatment.

There are a few more side effects which can occur but are extremely rare, such as abscesses and erectile dysfunction, as well as some emotional issues. In case of any of these, the doctor will suggest the best possible options of dealing with them.

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