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There are various reasons why women might be looking into ways to get pregnant without intercourse. They include being a single mother by choice, the woman not being able to have intercourse for physical or emotional reasons, or male ejaculation problems during intercourse. Ways to get pregnant without intercourse range from the simple, do it yourself methods, to complex fertility treatments. We'll list them in this post.

Vaginal insemination involves collecting a semen sample and injecting it into the vagina with the help of a syringe (no needle!). This method can be used at home very easily, and is the most low-tech option available and also known as home insemination. This option is suitable for those who have healthy semen samples available, obviously. Intrauterine insemination can be viewed as the least complicated treatment offered by fertility clinics. IUI relies on a semen sample that has a reasonably high sperm count for it too work it is not suitable for men who have an extremely low sperm count, though it may well work for men with a slightly reduced sperm count. After sperm washing, the sperm is inserted directly into the uterus during ovulation. IUI is often combined with fertility medications such as Clomid to make it more predictable and successful. IVF or invitro fertilization is a now famous fertility treatment in which sperm and egg are combined within a lab setting, following the extraction of female eggs and the provision of sperm. Once fertilized, an embryo or several embryos are then returned to the uterus. ICSI is a more specialized IVF procedure. One single sperm is inserted into the center of a single egg. Besides this, the procedure is similar to regular IVF. It is suitable in cases where the man's sperm count is extremely low or there are issues with the quality of sperm or where sperm needs to be extracted from the scrotum to obtain it. For instance, following a vasectomy procedure.

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