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Many diseases and disorders can be attributed to high blood pressure, most commonly a risk of stroke and heart and kidney problems. Same as diabetes high blood pressure is also called “silent killer”, because you can have it for years and not knowing about it, because of the lack of visible symptoms. Stress, anxiety and nervousness may raise the blood pressure, but constant and prolonged elevation of levels of blood pressure is dangerous and it should be dealt with.

Symptoms and Causes

As we said before high blood pressure has no visible symptoms in the early stages, but in time, it can lead to headaches, dizzy spells or dizziness or nosebleeds. Causes of high blood pressure are several and it can be repeated stress, excessive alcohol consumption, hereditary factors, lack of physical activities, overweight smoking, excessive potassium, or sodium intake via daily diet or older age.

In some cases high blood pressure may be consequence of some other underlying diseases like adrenal gland disorder, kidney disease, hormonal dysbalances, thyroid diseases, some medicaments like oral contraceptives or some herbs like licorice.

Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure

There are several natural remedies that can help you to low you blood pressure, but you must use them after you consult your doctor. One of them is garlic. Studies have shown that garlic supplements significantly reduce high blood pressure, but because garlic supplements can thin the blood after prolonged period of usage, it should be used only under medical supervision.

Another natural remedy for high blood pressure is supplements called Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10. Apart from high blood pressure, studies have shown that CoQ10 supplements are also very beneficial with persons with diabetes type 2. Amount of 60-100 mg per day should be sufficient to significantly reduce both your blood sugar levels and your high blood pressure.

Herb called hawthorn and its extracts is traditionally use in herbal medicine for high blood pressure problems. It has no side effects and also lowers the blood sugar levels in cases of diabetes.

Folic acid supplements are also very effective way to low your high blood pressure. Vitamin B which id folate is necessary for formation of red blood cells and this is helpful with high blood pressure problems. Studies showed that four weeks of folic acid intake can help reduce blood pressure in smokers.

Fish and fish oil are also excellent natural remedy for high blood pressure. Fish oil supplements contains both EPA and DHA acids, and they both in combination or separately can reduce significantly high blood pressure.

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