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Tangerines are citrus fruit similar to oranges. They are even the same orange color. However, they are smaller comparing to regular sized oranges. On the other hand, tangerines are easily peeled and this leads to rather easier consumption of this delicious fruit. Apart from being excellent at enhancing of the immune system, tangerines can contribute to health in general thanks to a variety of nutritive components.

Certain countries such as Japan and China have been growing tangerines for many years. Still, this fruit first came to America and Europe in 19th century.

Vitamin C together with fibers is abundantly present in this citrus fruit. Apart from these ingredients tangerines are also rich in folic acid, carotenoids and flavonoids. As for minerals, tangerines contain potassium.

Health Benefits of Tangerine ComponentsVitamin CVitamin C is known for its antioxidant characteristics. Prevention of certain diseases caused by free radicals as well as slowing down of the aging process are only two benefits of tangerine consumption. The maintenance of powerful immune system is also guaranteed in case of consumption of tangerines. The skin is healthy and good looking.FibersAppropriate intake of fiber regulates proper bowel movements, assists in weight loss and is additionally good for maintenance of optimal sugar levels. Regular intake of fiber that is highly available in tangerines can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.FlavonoidsHesperidin is one of flavonoids present in tangerine. It can be found in both the tangerine pulp and in the peel. Hesperidine acts as powerful antioxidant. It also assists in protection from inflammatory conditions, fights against viruses and possesses certain anti-allergic characteristics. Hesperidin is also associated with a possible prevention of certain types of cancers.

Apart from hesperidin, tangerines are rich in two more flavonoids, tangeretin and nobiletin. These two successfully fight malignant diseases, prevent weight gain, and decrease the level of cholesterol. Certain Japanese researchers say that tangeretin can interfere in the growth of malignant cells present in leukemia. Tangeretin in this case lead malignant cells to attack each other.CarotenoidsBeta-cryptoxantin is one carotenoid present in tangerines. It is actually a provitamin A. Provitamins are substances that can be turned into vitamins inside the body. In this specific case beta-cryptoxantin or provitamin A is converted to retinol.

One study presented data that beta- cryptoxantin can drastically reduce the risk of lung cancer. This amazing carotenoid can be efficient in prevention of rheumatoid arthritis.

And finally what needs to be said is that even peel of this fruit can be consumed. This way the ingredients that are present in the very peel can be digested and absorbed as well. The peel may be ground, grated or even boiled into a drink.

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