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Silicon is a mineral that is commonly referred to as a beauty mineral. Silicon is significant as it provides with the appropriate strength of bones and connective tissue. Apart from that this mineral is beneficial for skin and all the skin formations such as hair and nails. Certain skin conditions can be improved with the usage of silicon. It is also powerful in battle against sleeping problems, atherosclerosis and even tuberculosis.

Fortunately, this mineral is highly available because it is abundant in the surface of the earth. Silicon is actually the second most present mineral in this layer of the earth.

There are daily requirements for this trace mineral and in case that they are not fulfilled certain organs such as skin, bones and joints may suffer. Silicon is present in our bodies in a form of two compounds, silanate and silicic acid. In nature this mineral is present in clay and sand and is additionally available in certain rocks such as granite and quartz.

Health Benefits of Silicon

Numerous researches have been conducted to prove health benefits of this amazing mineral.

Silicon is in charge with the supply and deposition do calcium in bones. This way the bones become stronger and the result is an excellent prevention of bone deformities. Silicon is even important as it exerts influence on the collagen present in the bones. The amount of collagen is increased and the bones are even more protected. Healing process after the fractures is induced and accelerated by this mineral.

As for skin and mucous membranes silicon has shown certain efficacy in case that body is suffering from dehydration. In this case silicon can provide with sufficient hydration of mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. If there is sufficient amount of silicon in the body the nails are kept healthy and good looking and even certain nail infections can be evaded. The skin generally glows and is protected against different skin conditions if silicon is present in optimal amounts. One specific condition called alopecia which features with the loss of hair can be successfully avoided if one takes care of sufficient daily intake of silicon.

The battle against tuberculosis can be additionally improved by silicon. The process of healing is significantly reduced.

In process of atherosclerosis, the blood vessels become narrowed by the plaques. Some studies which involved silicon proved that the plaque formation can be drastically reduced with this mineral.

And finally, silicon can prevent excessive absorption of aluminum as it bounds aluminum in intestines not allowing it to enter the blood stream.

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