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Studies have shown significantly lower incidence of heartproblems, prostate and colon cancers, and even breast cancer in people who usesoybeans on a regular basis. Japanese and Chinese women have less menopausalsymptoms because of their traditional cuisine, which includes soy.


Soy beans contain phytoestrogens: genistein and diadzein. Bacteriain the intestines process these phytoestrogens and alter them into activeforms. These substances help to maintain the optimal levels of estrogen (femalesexual hormone) in the body, decreasing the levels of it if it is too high orincreasing it if it is too low.

Other substances, also present in the soy beans, have someanti-cancerous and anti-cholesterol activity. Soy is proven helpful to lowerhigh cholesterol in the blood, particularly LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

Soya is a very good source of protein, especially forvegetarians. Soy beans are a great source of dietary fiber and omega-3 fattyacids, and contain important quantities of vitamins B (thiamine, riboflavin,B6) and E. This plant also provides lecithin, a powerful antioxidant.

It contains highamounts of molybdenum and manganese, and also other minerals, like iron, magnesium,copper, phosphorus and potassium.

Soybeans Health Benefits:

Support gastrointestinal health and helps youstay fitReplace the meatThey lower cholesterol and blood pressure Women have many benefits from soybeans Excellent food for diabetics Prevents inflammationProtects the skin Ingredients of thesoybeans do not burden our digestive system and also provide enough protein andother substances necessary to build the body.

It has been recommended for children in order to provideenough nutrients for the development and growth.

Lecithin is known as food for the brain, energizing us andfighting tiredness. It also has anti-cholesterol properties, preventingcholesterol buildup. Lecithin emulsifies the fat and that lowers the cholesterolin general. Lower cholesterol means less risk of possible complications to thehealth, like heart, kidneys, eyes and brain problems.

Women, especiallyin and after the menopause, benefit from soybeans. Soy protects the heart and the bones and fightmenopausal symptoms. Plus side: soybeans do not increase the risk of breastcancer in post-menopausal period.

Soya is great for diabetics. Some patients even reportedthat soybeans made them completely diabetes-free. Soybeans stabilize blood sugar, lower the riskof diabetes and protect kidneys and the heart from potential damage.

Enough lecithin in your diet might be helpful in preventionof gall stones.

Lecithin is known to boost immune system. It increases gammaglobulins in the blood, helping the immune system to fight many infections.

Sometimes, lecithin is used to treat psoriasis (skincondition), bed sores or diaper rash in babies. It has been used in pellagra treatments,easing the symptoms, such as abdominal and skin problems and many nervous symptomsissues. Pure soy oil is used in treatment of different skinconditions. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (linolenic and linoeicacids), which contribute to the healthy skin and are proven to be helpful in eczemas.

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