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Massage chairs can provide a range of different treatments. The technology involved in the chairs has been developed to the point of one being able to receive effective massage therapy. Sophisticated, modernized controls have been added and the chairs are now capable of replicating some well-known massage techniques; many chairs can perform shiatsu, acupressure and even reflexology. The chairs also possess a variety of supplemental features.


As for the function of the chairs, specialized rollers now exist, which allow three-dimensional massage capabilities. There are also a variety of sensors that scan the neck, back and shoulders and thus provide a service customized to the needs of the owner. Scanners can recognize and stimulate the 100 acupoints on the body. In addition to this, one can also utilize the stretching facilities of the chairs; both lower and upper body can be stretched while seated. Yet another feature that the chairs employ is heat treatment. This is used to aid blood flow and to reduce swelling on a particular area. Some chairs even provide a built-in mp3 player with headphones, in order to maximize the feelings of bliss and relaxation.Benefits

As mentioned earlier, some chairs can perform reflexology. These chairs incorporate either reflexology plates or nodes, both of which stimulate the acupoints in the feet. Soft tissue manipulation can help lower stress and fatigue levels whilst simultaneously helping circulation.

Massage chairs are a great convenience. One can call on the chair to provide a quick, free massage at any time of day. The chairs themselves are ever evolving and with every passing moment they become more sophisticated and more intricate.

Convenience is a key benefit of chair massage, but another thing that makes this form of massage more attractive to many people is the fact that it is performed fully clothed. Some people feel insecure or unable to strip down in order to receive a “traditional” massage. Chair sessions are usually shorter and more informal, which will appeal to many. This approach to massage is also generally undertaken in public venues, thus making the process more transparent and open. People are able to see the process and the benefits that people gain from it.

Although many people see chair massage as something of a corporate service, this is no longer the case. Massage chairs are becoming more and more common, and whether the service is performed in stand-alone massage kiosks or booths, there can be no doubt that this approach is becoming more widespread every day.

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