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The massage inquestion belongs to the category of soft tissue massage therapies. The primarygoal of this massage is to relieve and remedy the pain and abnormalities by wayof initiating and “awakening” the points that are situated in the area of thebody that is befallen by an ailment. One important fact about this massage isthat its primary area of concern is only the affected area, and not the entirebody. The therapist employs fingertips, hands, as well as elbows as “tools”with which he explores the tissues and exudes immediate pressure. In certaincases, aside form hands, often used is also a tiny device known as the t-bar. Among its most noted benefits arebalancing and enhancing the function of the central nervous system, for thepurpose of providing treatment for numerous ailments and conditions. Other namesthat are used interchangeably are neuromuscular therapy and trigger pointmyotherapy.

What numerousadvocates of this specific type of a massage especially point out to is theeffectiveness and success when it comes to remedying and curing such ailmentsas unexplained tingling and sensation of numbness in the person’s limbs, aswell as different kinds of pain affecting the neck, the back and the joints. Theprofessionals tend to concentrate on the localized trigger points in order tostimulate the circulation of the blood in ischemic tissues, as well as bereavea person from pain and spasms.

Massage revealed

What the advocates ofneuromascular massage therapy believe is that all the pain that occurs in themuscles is a direct consequence of the occurrence of spasms in specific portionof the muscle that is transmitted also to the other areas as well. Therefore, this specific therapy attempts to ameliorate all the stress affecting themuscles and also to ward off all the pain present by means of application of theconcentrated pressure.

Given the fact thatin this respect, the massage in question resembles other massages, it isdistinguished by numerous massaging techniques. At the onset, the soft tissue iffirst warmed up by means of regular techniques. Next step is to discover wherethe befallen tissue is located, which is also the main source of the existingpain. Afterwards, the therapist slowly begins to enforce pressure on theaffected area, which lasts approximately for half a minute. Given that thepiled up lactic acid is dispersed, the proper supplies of both the blood andoxygen return to normal.

Plus sides

The most evidentbenefits lie in the fact that this specific massage remedies muscle spasms bymeans of pressure, which cannot be accomplished by the regular massage. Anotherimportant fact that needs to be mentioned is that this massage is guided by theholistic approach in the sense that the affected tissues are stimulated to thepoint of self-healing.

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