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Society is split around the worldin their opinions on red wine and the benefits of the consumption of it. Thereis an ingredient found in red wine that has the capability of slowing down theaging process. In red wine there are enzymes named sit-ins which are activatedby the ingredient called resveratrol. The sit-ins have been directly connectedto prolonged existence over ten years ago, when a man named Leonard Guarantee,originally from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology situated inCambridge, discovered that if yeast had extra sit-in copies mixed in itactually survived a lot longer than if it only had the usual two copies. A mannamed David Sinclair proved that if the resveratrol was given to worms and evenflies their lifespan increased.

Christopher Westphalia

Mr. Christopher Westphalia, whowas a venture capitalist, partnered up with David Sinclair and co-founded thecompany Sirtris Pharmaceuticals. They both ventured towards the development of sit-inactivators in 2007 by looking at a big group of molecules to see if they couldlocate the activator SIRT1, which is in fact the mammalian type of the yeastSir2 enzyme. This study proved that there were three types that were onethousand times stronger than resveratrol at the process of activating theenzyme5. Also in their study they discovered that one of the three types ofenzymes they found, if given to rats that was overweight, it could help in thetreatment of type two diabetes. In 2009 the huge British pharmaceutical companycalled GlaxoSmithKline purchased the Sirtris for seven hundred and twentymillion US dollars. The Sirtris drugs are now in their phase two of the trialsin clinics for the treatment of cancer and diabetes type two.

Leonard Guarantee

Leonard Guarantee is nowcurrently an advertiser of science to the company Sirtris. Leonard stated thatthe activation process really does depend solely on the gene it is in. Heagrees that the compounds only seem to work when they are with fluorophore butit is different, he says, when put with cells or with other animals. Afterstudies, he said that it shows that if resveratrol is given without Sir23 thenit will make no difference to a lifespan.


Many scientists are skeptical ofhow effective the ingredients are. Although there are definite results, it isdifficult to put the finger on exactly what is causing the lifespan change.

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