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Resveratrol is a red wine compound that was first made inthe 1940 from the white hellebore roots. It has several beneficial effects,such as mutagen, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging andanti-platelet properties. It is a phytoalexin ("phyto" stands for plant and "alexin" stands for defend), a compound found in plants, which has a role to defend them from germ invasion and dehydration.This system of defense can be implemented in humans as well; so many studies have been focused on resveratrol.


Mediterranean food like blueberries, pomegranates and grapes are made fromgrapes according to a common belief, and they can help a human to live longer.These common beliefs were put to the test and scientists found that resveratrolis the reason for this belief. It repels the viruses due to the antibioticabilities of resveratrol. Also, it can protect the heart and nervous systembecause it contains antioxidant properties. The Alzheimer's and Parkinson'sdiseases can be avoided with the use of resveratrol according to certainstudies. It is also connected with cancer prevention. Obesity can be reducedwith the consumption of red wine, but other types of alcohol should not beconsumed in larger quantities since they cause no beneficial effects. Theseeffects are present due to the resveratrol found in the red wine. There areseveral other medical problems that can be treated, such as heart diseases, high cholesterol and diabetes. The toxins located in the human system can be removed if youconsume larger quantities of resveratrol.

Side Effects

Many compounds are left aside and not used in significant amount due to theside effects possible, which is also the case with resveratrol. Many people havebeen expressing their problems and side effects experienced due to the use ofresveratrol, but there are not much researches and proof of such side effects.One of such side effects is the sensation of buzzing, like our mind is jumpstarted, and this can happen if we consume great amounts of this compound. The effectof high blood cholesterol reduction is also a matter of question, since it cancause the reduction below the line considered normal. Other possible sideeffects are insomnia, dizziness and heart palpitations, which usually go awayafter one or two weeks. It is also associated with joint pain, adult acne,urine coloration and increase of the blood pressure side effects.For the end, we have to mention that although there are few possible sideeffects associated with the consumption of resveratrol, there much morebenefits involved. Also, while the beneficial effects have been proved, this isnot the case with side effects.

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