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Information on Muscadine Grapes

Muscadine grapes originate from the Southeastern UnitedStates and their botanical name is vitis rotundifolia. These grapes are slowlygaining popularity because of the numerous health benefits they provide. Thegrapes can be found in the wild although they can also be seen in numerousbackyards of the South. Muscadine grapes are pretty much different than all theother varieties of grapes.

The skin is the first noticeable difference as it ismuch thicker than the skin of any other grape variety. The skin provides thegrapes with the natural resistance to numerous different types of harmfuldiseases, insects and fungi. Muscadine grapes are known for its strongantioxidant properties and it all stems from the skin.

The 40 percent of weightof muscadine grapes comes from the skin and that may be the best way todescribe how thick the skin actually is. Muscadine grapes have one most set of chromosomesthan usual which makes the production of unique balance of phytonutrientspossible. These substances cannot be found in any other grape variety.

Health Benefits of Muscadine Grapes

The most important feature of muscadine grapes is that theyhave very potent antioxidant properties. The grapes are very efficient indefending the human body, destroying the free radicals and repairing theexcessive damage they cause to the human body. Muscadine grapes are also ofgreat help in boosting the energy levels, stamina and the immune system andslowing down the process of aging.

The skin of the grapes contains resveratrolwhich is known for its powerful antifungal properties. It can also be found inthe seeds of muscadine grapes. Muscadine grapes can be consumed in their rawform or in a dried form and they can also be used for the production of wine.The extra pair of chromosomes in the muscadine grapes makes the production ofellagic acid possible.

Ellagic acid cannot be found in any other grape variety.Ellagic acid can be of great help from preventing numerous different types ofcancer because it is very useful in the process of chemoprevention. Muscadinegrapes also contain specific substances of organic origin which are veryhelpful in resisting microbial attacks and optimizing the functioning of theimmune system.

These substance are also beneficial in preventing heart damage,arthritis, autoimmune diseases, joint erosions, inflammatory conditions, andnumerous different joint problems. Muscadine grapes can also be consumed in theform of vinegar and juice.

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