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Sunflower seeds have a very powerful health benefits, and they successfully prevent artery clogging, high cholesterol and also have anti inflammatory properties. Sunflower seeds also have a nutritional properties, as well, and they been known for years of it. Sunflower seeds can be tasty food, cooking oil for our kitchen, or added to various salads and meals to enhance the taste, and you should make them a part of your daily diet.

Sunflower seeds are obtained from sunflower, very beautiful flower, and they come in the shape of grayish green or black colored seed. They have many nutritional and health benefits, like high levels of vitamin B and E, protein, selenium, folates, cooper, iron, zinc, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and here we will mention some of them.


A sunflower seed contains high levels of plant phytochemicals like phenolic acids, lignan, choline and betaine. Theses phytochemicals are known for prevention of growth of cancer cells in breast and colon cancer cases, and prevention of heart diseases.


Magnesium that sunflower seed contains prevents the entry of calcium in the blood vessels, muscles and nerve cells, and thus preventing asthma attacks, lowers blood pressure, and prevents the muscle spasms and nerve contractions.

Dietary fiber

Fiber contained in sunflower seeds prevents indigestion and constipation and manages sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood, and also controls the risks of obesity.


Sunflower seeds contain amino acids and tryptophan that stimulates production of serotonin, very important neurotransmitter, which calms the brain, relieves tension and promotes relaxation.


Folic acid, also known as folates, is vitamin B type of supplement, and it is very important acid for production of new cells in the body of prenatal baby, by forming RNA and DFNA, which are very important for development and growth of fetus. Folates also form hemoglobin in red blood cells.

Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats

One of the most important health benefits of sunflower seeds is that they contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that protects heart from various diseases like arteries blockage by lowering the levels of cholesterol.


Proteins that sunflower seeds contain enable the supply of amino acids in the body, which are essential for tissue repair, and growth and maintenance of tissues.

Vitamin E

Sunflower seeds are very powerful source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for fighting and expelling free radicals from the body. Free radicals causes cell damage, heart ailments and atherosclerosis. Vitamin E is also an excellent anti oxidant and help in healing the wound and other injuries.


As part of antioxidant processes in the body, Selenium together with vitamin E is crucial. Sunflower seeds contains a high levels of Selenium, which also prevent formation of cancer cells and helps with heart disorders.

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