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Linseedis grown in different locations, which is why it comes in various shapes,sizes and colors (i.e. black, white, yellow and red linseed), and the linseed used inmedicine comes from hot climates. Linseed plant is straight and tender withstriped leaves and round sky blue fruits which emerge during winter months, turning dry in the summer.

The seeds from the linseed plant are rich in permanent oil, containing linoleic and linolenicacids, glycerides and fatty acids, protein, phosphates, sugar, musyleze andwax like substances. A poisonous substance called glucocide is also present inthe seeds which causes the death of animals eating the seeds, while mineralssuch as sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium are found inthe ash, if burned. Theseeds have a sweet taste and mild smell, are considered an aphrodisiac and can havepurgative effect; producing urine when consumed in small amounts. Linseeds have been used to cureseminal and eyesight problems, as well as leprosy. Linseed oil displays similarproperties as does the linseed leaf, while flowers can cure blood diseases.

Hereis the list of linseed remedies used to treat different conditions:

Forheadache relief, seeds are ground in cold water and put on the painful area.Insomniacsare recommended to apply in the eye the mixture of identical quantities oflinseed and castor oil beaten in a bronze plate.Toreduce red eyes, the viscous pulp obtained from ground seeds is applied aroundthe eye.Swellingin the ears can be reduced by pouring the boiled linseed in onion juice in theears.Forcough and respiratory problems 1 teaspoon of linseeds are soaked in 3.5tablespoons of water for 12 hours after which this water is drunk.Anotherrecipe for cough and respiratory problems involves using 1 teaspoon of groundlinseed, sieved and boiled in water, sweetened with 4 teaspoons of sugar candyor honey, which is drunk in the morning.One halfof a teaspoon of roasted linseed mixed with honey is recommended for enlargedliver.Foreasing evacuation, linseed oil should be extracted without heating it.Recommended dosage for easy bowel movement is 0.8 to 1.5 teaspoons and can beused by those with constipation and piles.Forjoint pain linseeds should be ground with Isabgol and put on the painful area.Heatedlinseed oil with the addition of Shunthi powder is used for back massage toalleviate the pain.Seminalproblems can be cured by taking the mixture of linseed, black pepper and honey,which also increases sexual potency.Healinsect bites by applying ground linseeds on the bite.Forburns make a white ointment using pure linseed oil mixed with lime water, and reliefwill occur immediately after one or two applications.

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