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Pecans were one of the latest domesticated crops. Wild pecans were greatly used in the colonial America as a delicacy, but a great growing of pecans in U S started in 1880. The US today produces between 80% and 95% of total pecans: annual crop of 150–200 thousand tons.

For a good diet, we need 4 to 5 meals of legumes, nuts, and seeds. Pecans for instance, have a big amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants generally, prevent damage of cells and heart attack, also cancer Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. A hand of pecans comprise zinc, magnesium, calcium, fiber, potassium and vitamin E and has healthy fat, which is good for heart and creates a sensation of being full very quickly.

Pecans and other nuts are strengthening the immune system, as being such a powerful antioxidants. All nuts have a lot of nutrients and no cholesterol: it prevents heart attack, a coronary artery disease and unhealthy cholesterol. Pecans are classy and versatile perfect meal choice for vegetarians because of the protein, the usual content of meat that veggies do not eat.

Eating pecans is number one on a diet list, according to Dietary Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They claim that pecan, served 5 times a week, provides healthier life and guaranty of a weight loss. Native American Tribes has too recognized pecans as a supplement to diets.

The Benefits of Pecans

1. Pecans Help Weight ControlThe intake of pecans helps in weight loss. Some clinical studies have discovered that pecan consummation kept extra weight off, longer then any other traditional dieting due to a rich nutrition & low-carb index.

2. Pecans Lowers Blood PressurePecans and nuts in general lower blood pressure. It takes only 4 to 5 servings of pecans per week.

3. Pecans Keeps Heart HealthPecans cuts off bad cholesterol in blood due to a beta-sitosterol that lowers cholesterol and lowers a heart disease risk.

4. Pecans Keeps Prostate HealthPecans annuls benign prostatic hyperplasia. BPH is benign prostate gland accumulation. A single dose of beta-sitosterol may be pretty effective. Gamma-tocopherol and vitamin E in pecans annuls prostate cancer, leaving behind the healthy cells impaired.

5. Pecans Prevents Breast CancerOleic acid in pecans are like fatty acid in olive oil and can overpower a gene activity that are responsible as it is believed, for a breast cancer. Better pecans then olive oil, don’t you think?

6. Pecans Replaces Meat High in proteins and other nutrients pecans also has healthy fats and proteins that can replace juicy meat, steak or chicken. So instead of servings of vegetable and meat, you can have a meal that has nuts, the pecans and vegetables. Saturated fat meat elevates a heart attack risk.

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