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Can apple cider vinegar really cure arthritis?

Even though many people will probably claim that one of the benefits of apple cider vinegar is its potential to cure arthritis, the truth is that there is no known cure for this disease, at least not so far. The advancement of this progressive and degenerative health issue can be halted to a certain extent and the symptoms can be relieved and kept under control in the greatest majority of cases, but the truth is that once diagnosed with arthritis, the person has to be aware that the only solution possible is to find a way or ways to deal with it. And there are numerous effective ways, of which a great part is natural and thus much better choice than medications.

Natural apple cider vinegar does have many health benefits and it can help with a number of health issues. Arthritis is only one of them, and more precisely, its main symptoms – pain in the joints.

How can apple cider vinegar help with joint pain?

The fact is that mineral deficiency increases and aggravates arthritis pain in the joints, and since organic, unfiltered and unprocessed apple cider vinegar is rich in magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, as well as in potassium, if a person consumes it on regular basis, deficiency of this kind will be prevented. Besides, potassium will not allow the accumulation of calcium in the joints, which is closely connected to another symptom of arthritis – stiffness in the affected joint. Aside from this, apple cider vinegar improves digestion and helps in elimination of toxins from the body, which is also important for those who suffer from arthritis. Even though it can be found in several other forms, including even the form of a pill, apple cider vinegar is the most effective in raw and liquid form, and if residue is present in the bottle, then it is even better, because that is where beneficial enzymes and nutrients are accumulated.

It is recommended to include it in the diet, and the recommended way is to mix it with water and drink the mixture three times a day before meals, if possible. Honey can be added to the mixture in order to sweeten it, as well as stevia. Aside from this way, apple cider vinegar can also be used topically when a person needs to relieve the pain. However, even then it should be mixed with water, preferably one cup of it with six cups of warm water.

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