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Vinegar as a reliefand remedy

It may have not occurredto many people, but vinegar, i.e. apple cider vinegar, can and holds greatpotential when it comes to alleviating one such troublesome illness such asarthritis. Its power lies in all the constituents it is made of, namely –potassium, chlorine, sodium, phosphorus, sulphur, calcium, magnesium, silicon, fluorine,iron, as well as trace minerals.

One of the firstpeople who made an in depth investigation in potential benefits of this varietyof vinegar, Dr. D. C. Jarvis, argued that the main reason why this vinegarvariety was effective when it comes to arthritis was because of the richnessin potassium. This could account for the breaking of those calcium buildups surrounding the joints themselves. What potassium also has the ability todo is facilitate and boost the tissues and cells growth. Therefore, accordingto the esteemed doctor in question, the combination of this miraculous element,together with all the mentioned nutrients is that which gives this variety ofvinegar its immense healing strength, which has an alleviating effect on thepain caused by arthritis. What it also does is facilitate and boost mobility ina person suffering from arthritis.

Proper usage

What the above mentionedrespectable doctor also concluded based on the statements of his patients isthat the onset of all the problems leading to the occurrence of arthritis is inthe person’s digestive system. Since, if too great quantities of alkaline are present, this might bring about the pilling up of calcium in theperson’s joints. The acidity of the vinegar variety in question is exactly thatone factor that is needed to establish and later on maintain right the properdigestive system balance. This in turn will decrease, and even enable one toavoid the calcium buildup altogether.

Since many people donot cherish the overall smell and the taste of the apple cider vinegar, oneextremely good way of getting the most of it and not feeling unpleasant or nauseated,is by combining it with honey, for example. Important is to do this just oncein the course of the day, when a person is a beginner. All one needs is a tablespoon of the vinegar in question, a tablespoon of honey and a glass of warmwater in which this should be poured and mixed. After a person has gotten usedto this mixture, s/he can start consuming it even two or three times a day, butonce this three-times-a-day limit is reached, it is recommended to graduallydecrease the quantity of the vinegar and honey put in the mixture.

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