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Information on Gardening

Gardening is a term which refers to the growing of plants. Agardener is a person who practices gardening, and there are two main types ofplants commonly grown. Useful plants such as leaf vegetables, herbs, fruits andvegetables are commonly grown for consumption while ornamental plants arecommonly grown for their dyes, foliage, flowers and overall appearance.Gardening may range in scale as well from fruit orchards to lawns andresidential yards. It may also be specialized and focused on just one type ofplants or it may involve a large number of plants. Gardening constantlyrequires an intensive labor.

There are various different types of gardening as well. Itmay also depend on the location, as the garden itself may be located near thehome, on a vivarium, on a patio, in a windowbox, on a balcony, in an atrium oreven on a roof. Indoor gardening is one of the most common types of gardeningand it always takes place within a building or some other type of residence. Nativeplant gardening always involves the use of native plants, without any intentionof creating a wildlife habitat. Water gardening involves growing of the plantsspecifically adapted to ponds or pulls. Aquascaping involves a garden inside anaquarium tank. Container gardening involves growing plants in a container,whether outdoors or indoors. Community gardening involves a group of people soit is also a great social activity.

How to Exercise while Gardening

Some people consider gardening as a wonderful hobby whilesome others think it is a tedious business. Gardening is often associated withhard work so it is not everyone’s idea of great fun. What many people do notknow is that gardening provides a person with a very active lifestyle besidescontributing to the natural environment. If one wants to benefits fromgardening, it is strongly suggested to use as little tools and machinery aspossible. One should have a regular gardening routine and should use onlymanual lawnmowers, trimmers, clippers and other tools. An hour of gardening,three days a week should provide a person with exceptional results. Alternatingthe positions in gardening is a good way of avoiding the overuse of particular musclegroups. Gardening is excellent for the improvement of strength, endurance andflexibility and it can be of great help in reducing the risk of high bloodpressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other medical conditions.

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