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Home remedies are becoming more and more popular. This kind of treatment was the only available kind of treatment in ancient times but today it is making a comeback. People are turning to this kind of treatment because of the natural origin, and because of the possible side effects that medications can produce. Garden egg is a fruit. This is a curious kind of fruit which is even used for the preparation of stew. This fruit is truly a delight but the effects of this fruit are not only nutritional. Solanum melongena is the official name of this fruit and it is very popular in Africa. It is commonly consumed during weddings, since this fruit symbolizes fertility and blessing. This fruit will positively help with heart problems and will make the weight reduction diet more successful. Some of the studies conducted in Africa, have come to the conclusion that garden egg is very effective in blood cholesterol reduction. A study was conducted in Nigeria. Several doctors from Nigeria have stated that during the study, rats have been showing better reduction of the weight gain, when eating garden egg. These results showed that garden egg has stronger effect than the oat and apple. One of the effects which are very positive, is the increasing of the high plasma HDL cholesterol. This is very important since it is connected to the stroke production. Low plasma HDl cholesterol is one of the responsible elements for the stroke development. Other scientists have performed similar tests on the humans, and have come up with similar results. They have stated that although it has a very limited duration, consumption of garden egg juice, will affect the problems with cholesterol. The effect of the fruit extends even to the elimination of problems with sight. Garden egg is used because of its positive effect on the glaucoma problems, which was confirmed in some studies. This study was published in 2002 in Nigeria.

Side effects

There are some side effects to the use of this fruit is an experiment has been conducted in order to prove this thesis. Results showed that pupil size reduction is possible especially among male population. But there are no real and threatening risks and side effects. The fruit has also been known as a good combater with asthma attacks though some studies deny this thesis. Garden fruit has a small level of nutrients, calories and proteins, while it is rich in fiber and potassium.

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