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For decades, around the world various studies have been carried out about vegetarian lifestyle and its impact on human health. Numerous studies have shown that vegetarians less suffer from cancer of the colon and lungs, from coronary disease, bile, diabetes, kidney stones, high blood pressure and excessive weight gain. Restrict eating only vegetables can even have positive effects in the treatment of these diseases. Many medical studies have shown that increased intake of fatty and spicy foods leads to increased cholesterol in the blood which can cause blockage of blood vessels. Reduce intake of meat and increased intake of vegetables and grain prevents these situations. Russell Role study showed that from 25 surveyed nations whose diet mainly consists of meat products 19 have a high rate of cancer, while 35 nations that do not eat meat or eat it in small quantities haven’t such high rates. Also, a large number of scientific researches have proven that vegetarian diet leads to a reduction of high blood pressure. There is also a fact that people who don’t eat meat do live longer from 3 to 6 years than people who consume it. Given that people who eat vegetarian food have less cholesterol in the blood, the risk of getting heart disease is less. In addition, the studied showed that vegetarian diet can positively affect to the reduction of breast cancer rates.

The main reason why the risk of these chronic dangerous diseases is reduced is the increased intake of antioxidants (vitamin C, E, phytochemicals and beta carotene) and fiber which clean the body of toxins. Plant foods and whole grains contain fiber that is required for normal formation of the stool. Precisely, the lack of fiber and insufficient amount of fluid intake causes constipation and need for frequent use of laxatives increasing the risk of getting colon cancer. In addition, meat products are rich in sodium, which affects the blood to retain water, reducing blood flow which causes high blood pressure.

The journal American Heart Association has published some guidelines that all people should abide in their diet if they want to maintain good health. These recommendations are put together by members of the American Heart Association in cooperation with the National Institute of Health, American Cancer Society and American Academy of Pediatrics. Under these guidelines the human diet should consist of 30% of calories from fat, 10% calories from saturated fats and 55% of calories from complex carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables and cereals). In addition, it is necessary to note that calories should not be overdosed, meaning that it is necessary to eat as much as the body needs to maintain optimal body weight. In order to improve their health, people should adhere to this policy including in their diet variety of foods, mostly from plant sources. They should increase the intake of leafy vegetables that acts as antioxidant. Intake of fruits, vegetables and cereals should be deployed in 5-6 meals a day. Meat, eggs, salt and sugar should be limited.

Specifically in the U.S., people use meat in their diet in 5 times greater amount that is recommended. Excess protein leaches calcium from bones which can cause bones disorder.


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