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Corundum Sativa L, or, as morecommonly called, coriander, is a plant which has a widespread usage in both,culinary and in medicine. As far cooking is concerned, coriander can be used infresh form as one of the ingredients, or in dried form, as a garnish or aspice.

But, this text is about thebeneficial effects that this herb has on organism and its health. Coriandercontains a lot of healthy substances, such as minerals and vitamins (especiallythe vitamin C), the essential oils, the useful acids and much more.

In the case of some acuteproblems like ulcers, for example, coriander has shown as a very helpfulremedy. It is because the substance called Citronellal, which is one of thecomponents of those essential oils, and some other substances in it, are, infact, good antiseptics. When someone suffers from the type of ulcer whichappears in the mouth, the intake of coriander also makes the breath fresher.

The antiseptic effects of thisplant, in the combination with the boosters of the immune system, that are alsothe ingredients of it, are the remedy for Small pox.

So, being rich in iron andvitamin C, coriander makes the immunity stronger. But, apart from that, thesignificant amount of iron in coriander is the remedy for Anemia. Also, thevitamin C is a good remedy for minimizing the amount of cholesterol in theblood. Of course, oleic, static, linolenic, plasmatic and ascorbic acids (alsofrom coriander) help in this process.

The other very beneficialcomponent of the essential oils is Cineole. Along with linolenic acid, it helpspreventing the swellings, and the arthritic and the rheumatic problems. Thissubstance even helps in the problems of the swellings which are caused byanemia and the kidney’s disorders.

Coriander, being a tastefulcondiment, and that way increasing the appetite, encourages the normaldigestion, also because it forces the stomach to form and give off moredigestive juices and enzymes.

Diarrhea can be treated withcoriander, too, and not depending on the cause of this health problem. The mostsignificant coriander’s substances that are helpful for this problem areLinalool and Borneo, which actually improve the liver functions, the process ofdigesting and the bonding of bowels.

In conclusion, it is good topoint out that there are a number of the conditions that are not mentionedhere, but that can be treated with coriander, such as conjunctivitis, somemenstrual disorders, and the increased level of sugar in the blood, spasms,some cancerous conditions, and many more.

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