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In one experiment of Danish Institute of Agricultural Science, institute-based researchers were examining the actual effect of raw carrots, carrot juice and boiled carrot, to measure out how carrots may affect on individuals. The researchers draw the conclusion that it is useful to eat one little carrot every day, but only in the combination with the other different veggies and fruits. Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences concluded that carrots can take off cancer risk but it is not yet found what other special properties carrots really have (beside usual well known). Any qualitative research here brings on the fact that quality food is better to be taken in certain amount with quality, in order to achieve quantitative effect.

Boiling or Eating Raw

Boiling vegetables can exhaust vitamins, minerals and all nutritional values. If you want more nutrition, better serve veggies fresh and whole, then cooked. Boiling carrots can aid with fortified anti cancer properties thanks to a polyacetylene falcarinol. It is proved that polyacetylene is more anti cancer than beta carotene. While cooking carrots may increase phytochemical content. The carrots retain the water and this process access the falcarinol concentration. Everything else gets lost.

Falcarinol however can be toxic only in huge amounts, and deadly dosage would be any person eating about 400 kilograms of carrots per day. It is not known the exact amount of falcarinol that can baffle cancer growth. It is also important to know what carrot to take: some are better then the other. There are various colors, shapes or sizes of carrots.

Another Usage

But what is interesting, falcarinol in industry (falcarinol as phytochemical can defend carrot plant against all sorts of fungal diseases) is used as natural pesticide. But let’s take another account here, as compound falcarinol is proved that can decrease risk and lower possibility of cancer. Even so, if falcarinol is used to defend roots (against) fungal diseases of Panax ginseng, red ginseng, carrots or ivy, falcarinol actually can irritate and trigger dermatitis or some other allergy in no time.

The Right Combination

Other veggies are also important and research should be done for other veggies included. It is recommended by the doctors to take at least five portions veggies and fruits in one day. It is also important to take certain types, in particular quantities. And in all this, it is very important method how carrots and vegetables are grown. Is it a naturally grown, or is some useful pesticide as falcarinol used for aid.

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