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It is a well known fact that vitamins are necessary for our health and general everyday functioning. There are the many of them found in many fruits, vegetables, water or metal products. One of the most important is vitamin B. What is peculiar about this vitamin is that it is a complex of many different but yet the same vitamins such as B1, B2 and many others. They all are “in charge” of many different body processes making them all a valuable supplement to human health.
Benefits and Other Useful Information
As mentioned above, all parts of the vitamin B complex help us differently. For example, vitamin B12 helps our cells while B1, B2 and B3 help in energy production of our organism. These may not be necessary all at once, but taken as a complex they provide our organism with all that useful and beneficiary essentials. It is important to know that different quantities of these substances are needed for different purposes. Our organism needs a certain amount of each vitamin B, so, taken all together as a complex there will certainly be extras which will be expelled by our body. Regarding this fact, some believe that excessive amounts of B complex help us fight everyday stress better, but this has not yet been completely proven.
Where Is It Located?
Vitamin B complex, besides in pills and supplements, is found in many plants, fruits and vegetables. Since taking the supplements may be dangerous if one is already taking different medications, it is safer to gain these vitamins from the nature itself. Mostly located in the outer layers of whole grains like wheat, different cereals, nuts, green leaf vegetables and molasses they provide more than valuable complements to one's diet, regulating many of our body's processes. Some B vitamins are only found in certain types of meat such as liver. Intake of all these is necessary since they provide normal functions of our brain and our nervous system as well as the production of energy crucial for our overall body processes.
Deficiency effects
Since vitamin B is good for our skin, eyes, hair and many other body parts, lack of it results in many unhealthy conditions. Early graying of hair and loss of eyesight, greasy hair and dermatitis are all caused by our body's deficiency in vitamin B. Wrinkles, dry skin and lips, dandruff and various inflammations are all our body's indicators that we need this vitamin to function normally and successfully. All that being said, it is not hard to conclude that without this precious vitamin complex there is no healthy life, making its intake a must.

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