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Cauliflower is an annual vegetable related to broccoli. Together with cabbage it belongs to Brussels sprouts. It is grown from the seeds and eaten either raw or cooked. It may also be pickled hence eaten during the winter when it is not available to many people. The color of cauliflower is basically white but it can be orange or even purple. It does not mater what the color is what is important for us is to consume it.All the people are recommended to use a variety of vegetables in their diet. This means the cauliflower must be included as well. This veggie is rich in vitamin C and K, folate and potassium. The vitamin C may be used from the cauliflower only in case the vegetable is eaten raw. If cooked the vitamin C is lost since it cannot stand high temperatures. What makes this vegetable so special is the presence of dietary fiber. The fiber is good for our gastrointestinal tract since it softens the stool and make is easier for the stool to pass the intestines.
Some types of cancers may be avoided if one should eat properly. Being a part of so called cruciferous vegetables cauliflower is known to be extremely helpful in fighting the cancer. One study has even confirmed that specific phytochemicals might decrease the risk of certain hereditary cancers. One of these phytochemicals is suphloraphane. It has been proven to hold back the carcinogenic cancers in laboratory rats. Another amazing compound of this vegetable which has been isolated is phenethyl- ITC. This component may also be helpful in cancer prevention but it can be only exploited if cauliflower is eaten raw.Cauliflower is useful in keeping the health of the bones as well.
This is because of the increased contents of vitamin K which is in charge with reducing the risk of bone fractures. Intake of approximately 100mcgs of vitamin K a day can prevent the hip fractures. Even simple chewing of this veggie may be beneficial to maintain the strong and healthy gum. So after analyzing all the mentioned it seems reasonable to consume cauliflower whenever possible. It is suitable to be eaten not only for lunch or dinner but also for breakfast. It can be combined with other vegetables and even cauliflower salads and soups can be prepared. Mashed cauliflower is a perfect substitute for mashed potato and if someone's child does not like the taste of this veggie he/ she can be easily tricked. This way even though they are not the fans of this marvelous vegetable they will eat it without knowing.

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