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Headaches are one of the most common ailments affecting the human kind. However, headaches affect the human kind only and are not present in other, simpler life forms. This is due to the fact that, in the vast majority of cases, we induce our own headaches due to numerous emotional, mental and physical factors. Namely, the insecure, intelligent, perfectionist, bitter, emotional and ambitious are the risk groups for suffering from headaches chronically.

Humans and Headaches

Causes behind headaches affecting people are not always clearly visible or diagnosable. Rather, these phenomena are a product of some advanced mental and nervous processes which are not always known to us.

Yet, in certain cases, victims of headaches can usually see their tortuous ailments coming, through certain premonitions. They may feel depressed and suffer from headaches afterwards since the abnormal blood flow in the brain affects emotions too. In fact, most headaches are pulsating due to the fact that blood is being pumped in the brain. Thereby, a clogged blood vessel will lead to the feeling of excessive pressure in the head and stress will lead to headaches which are accompanied by spasms and numbness in the neck or jaw.

Different headaches affect different parts of the head. The closer the affected area is to the brain, the more severe headaches will be, since all the delicate nervous fibers are located there. People who are prone to headaches often have lower levels of endorphins.

Types of Headaches

If a headache is severe and it affects one side of the head, lasting for several hours or even days, we are talking about migraines. Migraines usually go hand-in-hand with visual auras, hallucinations which are commonly manifested through lines or dots the victim sees before the onset of the headache. Nausea or vomiting may also appear, as well as intense light sensitivity. Some types of food and drinks may provoke migraines.

Sharp pain in a certain part of the head, usually being around the eyes and the forehead is commonly classified as cluster headache. Eyelid drop and pupil constriction may be side-effects of this type of headache.

Other types of headaches are daily chronic headaches, tension headaches manifesting through pressure sensation affecting the head, sinus headaches, rebound headaches striking in episodes several times a day and ice cream headaches, also known as brain freeze triggered by eating cold sweets quickly.

Millions of people all around the world suffer from headaches. Therefore, this problem is a serious one and scientists are doing their best to understand headaches more and find effective treatments which do not only focus on shutting down the symptoms of headaches, but their causes as well.

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