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Although many of us experience acute headaches, there have been cases where people report constant shooting pain in the head. The culprits for this can be different, and we will try to provide an overview of the most common ones.

In case a person reports frequent headache, they might be suffering from migraine. However, this is not the sole cause to blame. There can be other reasons for frequent headaches apart from migraine. For instance, headache can appear combined with other medical troubles like tiredness, lightheadedness, and some or other kind of pain in the body. If you are suffering from frequent and persistent headaches, it is high time you consulted your doctor. Since headaches are fairly often-occurring, they have been intensively studied and there are already many things you can do to help yourself on your road to recovery.

Culprits behind the headache

In each case a headache occurs, there is some factor that influences the receptors in the brain to succumb to the immense pressure and stop being able to suppress the pain. Some of the factors occur commonly, and let’s take a look at them.

Nervous tension – the silent malefactor

This factor is the one most frequently to be blamed for headache. It may be the guilty one behind acute but also chronic instances of headache in people. This stress we are talking about can come from virtually every wake of human existence. For example, there can be something in your workplace that is affecting and troubling you or a family member might be literally “giving you headaches” because of some reason or other. In any case, this pressure might push your brain to the limit where the receptors can’t resist anymore and react with allowing pain to manifest itself.

Too little red blood cells – too much pain

In cases where the body of a human is deprived of sufficient amounts of iron, and hemoglobin content in the blood is also reduced, physicians diagnose anemia. You can guess – one of the most typical symptoms of anemia is headache, usually combined with overall tiredness.

Different foods and additives causing headache

The reason behind your headache might be in something that you eat on the regular basis. For example, it might be an additive, like mono-sodium glutamate, which has been proven to be a culprit behind many instances of headache, so it is now banned. Elements in the food which you should avoid if you want to avoid or decrease your headaches include some artificial sweeteners, an abundance of sodium, or different kinds of preservatives. Also, beware of milk – healthy as it may be, some people will have a higher risk of developing headache in case they take in excessive amounts of milk and dairy products.

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