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Dry mouth

Dry mouth occurs because of the lack of saliva production. There are many products for dry mouth on the market, and it is proven that they are not as effective as certain herbal treatments for this condition. Several herbs are very potent in stimulating the production of saliva and moisturizing the mouth.

Natural remedies for dry mouth

Before using any of the natural cures for dry mouth, it is important first to consult a doctor about that. One of the recommended home remedies for this condition is Silica gel. After checking the appropriate dosage on the bottle, take it and swirl it around for a while and then swallow it. The saliva production will be increased immediately. Silica gel is regarded to be one of the most powerful and effective remedies for treating dry mouth. Other very important dry mouth remedy is Ginger. After peeling and chopping Ginger up into very small pieces, roll it around in the mouth until saliva production is increased. Ginger liquid herbal extract without an alcohol base is even better.

Cloves may also contribute to the higher production of saliva and it is recommended to swirl about four or five cloves around in the mouth or suck on them. Furthermore, cloves are good because they freshen the mouth. Cayenne pepper is only advisable if a person is not sensitive to hot foods. Small amounts of Cayenne pepper can even stimulate excess of saliva. The side effect of using this natural remedy is the heat. It may also happen that after saliva subsides, a person feels that he/she has even drier mouth than earlier.

Five to ten drops of Gentian herbal liquid extract a day is very powerful natural remedy for dry mouth. The person who takes it must follow the instructions about its use. Unfortunately, this remedy is not much popular and, therefore, not easy to find. Angostura aromatic bitters, which contains Gentian as a chief ingredient, may be used as an alternative if the extract of this herb cannot be found.

Dendrobian tea is an overt potent for stimulating the production of saliva, although it is very difficult to find this herb. Swirling ten drops of American Ginseng liquid extract around in the mouth is proven to cause the appearance of more saliva. Drinking beer is one of the most refreshing natural remedies for dry mouth. It is important not to drink many beers a day, two beers a day is a recommended dosage.

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