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What is microcurrent therapy and why is it used?

Microcurrent therapy is a rather fascinating method of treatment of various injuries and conditions, which has proven to be veryeffective and beneficial in a number of cases. This method of treatmentrequires the use of pulsating currents of electricity, but in extremely smalldoses. What makes these currents so helpful is the fact that they have theability to penetrate the injured cell, normalizing the activity within it andbalancing the cell electrically, which is not the case with the currents fromother stimulation devices that were used before, since they only pass over suchcells. This way, the production of ATP, synthesis of the proteins, absorptionof nutrients, elimination of the waste products from the body, exchange of ionswill be improved and increased, and those are only some of the positive effectsof microcurrent therapy. When the activity within the cell is normalized, the inflammationis reduced, the body’s ability of self-healing is improved, and cells thatproduce collagen are increased.

Studies and researches

Several studies and researches on positive and negativesides of this method of treatment have been conducted, but in more than 90% ofthe cases, the pain was reduced significantly even after the first treatment,and 3 to 6 treatments were necessary in order for the patient to get rid of thepain completely. What is also interesting when it comes to the study inquestion is that in the greatest majority of the cases, other methods oftreatment showed no equally positive results, and those methods includedacupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, drug therapy, and even other methods ofphysical therapy.

Due to its numerous benefits, microcurrent therapy has a wide range of use in physical therapy, starting from health care professionals, all the way to athletes, both amateur and professional. The fact is that it is perfectly safe for all ages and that it is becoming more and more popular in the treatment of muscle spasms, arthritis, tennis elbow, and other spine, shoulder or knee related conditions that manifest through pain. What affects the successfulness and effectiveness of the treatment a lot is the choice of the frequency, current and ramp, which is why it is important to set the right diagnosis and choose the appropriate combination of these three elements for every case individually. It is also important to place the pads so that they follow electrical pathway of the body.

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