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Interpersonal and therapeutic
The therapeutical approach in question is also known under the name of Interpersonal Psycho Therapy, and it represents a rather short-term treatment solution for depression, which is also characterized by a limited focus. What have numerous research studies been able to confirm is that this specific type of anti-depression therapy is, on a shorter run, as effective and favorable result yielding as a short-term therapy rooted in application of antidepressants. Even though it has been initially designed for the purpose of providing a successful anti-depression treatment method for adults, it has soon proved to be quite effective and favorable for the treatment of depression occurring in adolescent population. In addition, this type of therapy is also known to be employed for treating depression in children as well.
Events and relation to interpersonality
When it comes to those interpersonal relationships and events that accompany them, it is important to point out that they are in no way to be blamed for the onset of depression. However, what still remains as a fact is that this severe condition does come about inside the realm, which is denoted by interpersonality and endowed with interpersonal context. Thus it is known to interfere and influence relationships in general, as well as the roles people play in such relationships. Therefore, by confronting such interpersonal issues, the therapeutic approach for depression treatment based on the concept of interpersonality aims at singling out and putting an emphasis on the symptoms that are exhibited and the ways in which they tend to influence and affect relationships that exist among people – family and peer-related ones as well.
Electroconvulsive therapy
One of the methods, i.e. therapeutical approaches, that has been deemed quite effective is the Electroconvulsive Therapy – to many also known as the ECT. This specific treatment method is employed when those more severe and thus more difficult-to-ameliorate cases of depression are discovered. According to experts in this field, the therapy in question represents the most effective and by far, the best treatment method available for those severe cases of depression. When it comes to the ultimate goals that this therapy seeks to fulfill, they include as quick as possible reduction of any depression related manifestations, accompanied by intensive work on facilitation and improvement of the person’s adjusting in a social environment that s/he is a part of. This particular therapy is also known to show results extremely quickly, this being the main reason why it is the primary choice of action in the treatment of those extremely intensified, sever and even suicidal depression cases, in comparison to antidepressants treatment therapy, which takes time to become effective. That is why it is avoided; many of the most severe cases require immediate effects as they can quite easily go out of control and be terminated in an unwanted way.

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