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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and conservative methods of treatment

When it comes to COPD, the truth is that it cannot be cured once and for all, because the damage to the lungs is irreversible. However, the methods of the treatment which are available have the purpose to keep the symptoms under control, which further reduces the chances of certain complications and affects the quality of life of the person in question in a positive way, of course.

In case a person who suffers from COPD is a smoker, this habit must be quitted immediately; otherwise, there is no point in conducting any treatment at all because the symptoms will only be aggravated by smoking. As for the medications that the doctors usually prescribe, they include bronchodilators, antibiotics and inhaled steroids. Bronchodilators help people to suppress the cough and they make breathing much easier, while antibiotics are necessary in cases of respiratory infections. Inhaled corticosteroids help people feel better and breathe easier by reducing the inflammation of the airway. As an additional therapy, the doctors might prescribe oxygen therapy to those who need additional amounts of it when its concentration in the blood is insufficient, and pulmonary rehabilitation program, which is usually comprised of education, counseling, advice on nutrition and exercising.

In some cases, invasive methods of treatment are necessary, and the surgery that might be performed is a lung transplant, after which the patient will be able to breathe more easily, but the length of life will not be increased. Another surgery procedure available is called lung volume reduction surgery, in which a small part of the damaged tissue needs to be removed to create more space for efficient work of the diaphragm and the lung tissue that has remained.

Home remedies for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Home remedies can be used as an additional part of the therapy that the doctors prescribe, but they should never be used without medications. Depending on the type of COPD, various herbs can be included in the treatment, but generally, Echinacea and Asian ginseng should be used regardless of the type.

Echinacea might help since it is generally used for the boost of the immune system and prevention of colds and respiratory infections. Asian ginseng is also known for its ability to improve the immune system and help in the treatment of chronic infections of the lungs. Peppermint tea helps when the congestion needs to be reduced, as well as rubbing essential oils to the chest area.

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