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A Remedy Turned into a Cosmetic Procedure

Micro-current therapy today, involves using either Botox or laser radiation in order to make a person look younger by applying “face lifting” services. However, these methods, like many others of this type, had quite a different initial usage. Namely, micro-current therapy was used in providing relief to people who suffered from some muscular deformities, causing abnormalities in their facial structures. By applying these chemicals into the troublesome muscular structures, they were lifted, causing one's face to restore some of its former, normal, looks. Micro-current therapy was also used by athletes, relieving them of pain caused by muscle injuries, tears, or some other, similar problems. Nevertheless, this has changed nowadays. People turn to micro-current therapy in order to make themselves look younger and more attractive, by tightening their skin, emphasizing some facial features like lips or cheeks, etc. Moreover, it does not stop with the face. Rather, people use these methods for lifting their muscles everywhere on their bodies, improving their complexion and removing any skin imperfections. All in all, micro-current therapy has a wide variety of possible usability in modern times, with each individual customer.

Useful Information Regarding the Procedure

Before deciding to undertake this step, you need to be sure that you are completely informed about all the changes you desire to affect you. Thus, feel free to ask your practitioner all the things you are not sure about, regarding the recovery time, success rate, possible complications and other things of this type. This way, you will be sure that you are prepared and aware of what you are about to endure, as well as all the effects of this endeavor of yours.

Also, the practitioner should take your medical history into consideration, preventing the procedure if it may cause you health problems.

The treatment itself involves having pads placed upon your face or other desirable areas. Then, your muscles are stimulated by probes and therefore exposed to the treatment. This may not work completely, and you may have to repeat this 30 minute procedure several times before achieving the wanted effect. Usually, several weeks of treatment are needed for highly successful results to take place. Nevertheless, you should not have more than 15 treatments of this type.

The Recovery Period

The process is not painful, and there are no significant difficulties regarding the recovery process. However, you should drink at least 2 liters of water each day in order to clean your body from toxins which may be released during the therapy.

Finally, people with neurological and heart problems, as well as pregnant women, should take all the measures of precaution before subjecting themselves to micro-current treatment.

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