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We will focus on a microcurrent therapy and at the end ofthe text, you will be more familiar with this therapy and know if this issomething that can help you. There is another name for this therapy and it isMENS or the microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation. It is associatedwith the release of a low electrical current, which can removes and eliminates pain. Also, this current cannot be detected, and it can repair the soft tissue that has suffered a damage. Otherbeneficial effect of this therapy include regeneration of the tissue damage, reduction of the muscle pain, lymphatic system flow stimulation, proteinsynthesis and relief of the pain. During the therapy, the sensory receptorswill not be active and their stimulation will not be performed.

Red Light Therapy. The first therapy we will cover is the red light therapy, which involves theuse of a LED bulb with the 630nm of wavelength, which is easy to carry. It canincrease the circulation of blood and remove the wrinkles. Other effects, whichcan be acquired for the price of 109.99$, include uneven skin tone balancing,reducing the skin damage due to the sun's effect and reducing of the darkspots.

Microcurrent Stimulator. This stimulator has the two levels of output current, two waveforms and it ispowered by a battery of 9 volts. Wires and electrodes comprise such dual channel stimulator, and all of this is packed in a stylish case that you can get for 79$, butonly if you have a medical license or a prescription.

Intellect Legend XT ComboTherapy Machine. This machine has two free electro therapy channels and a dual frequencyultrasound along with the electroghraphy in multiple waveforms. You will alsoget patient data card, sound heater applicator of 5cm and others. For 3490$you can get this machine and reduce tissue damage and muscle pain.

Mettler Sonicator Plus 940 4-Channel Combination Therapy Device. This a lighter device that stores 80 protocols, which are user defined andcustomable. It also has a simple membrane panel and a LCD touchscreen alongwith a 2 year unity warranty and 1 year cable and applicator warranty. Thisnon-returnable item costs 3973,80$.

We hope to have given you some useful information that will help you decideif some of these machines and devices may suit the purpose. Also, we advise the use of new devices, following the instruction located on the device and seeing a doctorif some side effects appear.

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