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Obsessive compulsive personality disorder is a certain type of medical condition characterized by significant reduction on flexibility and openness when it comes to interpersonal expectations and relationships and all sorts of daily routines. Persons who suffer from this type of disorder are obsessed with control of their relationships and lives, perfectionism and orderliness.

How to treat OCPD

It is very hard to treat this type of medical condition and if the patient does not find the treatment fitting to his or her cognitive scheme, then the treatment method will be completely rejected. Another big problem with persons who suffer from obsessive compulsive personality disorder is that they find it very hard to incorporate changing and new information into their lives, which is a big obstacle in a normal process of learning. These people are also very hard to cooperate and work with because they only see the wrong and right way of everything. Their logic is faulty and it is often applied to the very relationship with the therapist. The therapist may have a lot of success during the therapy if the patient is informed about all the relevant types of research studies which were once conducted in order to justify the means of the treatment method. In some cases, the obsessive compulsive personality disorder is accompanied by some sort of medical illness. Those who suffer from this diseases are very concerned and meticulous when it comes to details, so the treatment method needs to be strict and it should not include any incidents.


Obsessive compulsive personality disorder patients seek treatment mainly because their coping skills are not that good and they suffer a lot because of that. The disorder limits the patient’s coping skill and the disorder becomes much more evident when the patient is exposed to family problems, work pressure, increased stress and all other similar situations. The treatment often focuses on relieving the symptoms of the disorder, supporting all the coping mechanisms and teaching the patient some new ones as well. Short term therapy methods tend to be the most beneficial because the patient does not have enough time to start questioning the efficacy of the constant changes which are associated with all long term therapies. Proper feeling identification is a very important part of the therapy. It is very helpful to talk about feelings which surround the daily happenings, events and situations. Group therapy may also be helpful to a certain extent as well.

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