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The keloid is a scar,which can appear on our skin. There are several possible solutions andtreatments for this condition. The hypertrophic, keloid and atrophic scars canbe removed or just reduced by using a biological cream. Thanks to the use ofthis biological cream on your skin, collagen is created more rapidly and dermalfibroblast proliferation is regulated. This will cause a positive effect on thescaring. Treatments can be done on the surgical table or not, by combining themtogether or even by just using some cream. They are very diverse, and so aretheir effects and results. Remember this if you are considering which treatmentto use. None of the stated treatments can guarantee 100% that the treatmentwill be successful. It can remove them completely, or just produceinsignificant reduction. But if you try one type of treatment and it proves tobe unsuccessful, then you should try the other methods, or even combine them. Resultsmay appear only if you are persistent and constant. Never lose hope in thetreatment. We also have to state that the condition cannot be prevented. This issaid because in great majority of cases this was unsuccessful. For thetreatments you can use coverings made from silicone gel for your wound. You canalso use compression methods. You can use Zimmer splints for problems locatedin ear area, or apply pressure with a bandage, for a period of six to twelvemonths.

If you decide to do surgery, this is a very successful method, but itwill require a great deal of care. You can also give a go to laser therapy andcryosurgery (last for 25 days approximately and liquid nitrogen is used).Injections with triamcinolone acetonide are administered every 4 to 6 weeks. Itis effective but it can be discomforting because of the injection. Methods that are notcommonly used because of the cancer possibility, includes radiation therapy. Bevery careful if you decide to perform this kind of treatment. There are manypossible side effects to the radiation therapy and the drugs used. UsingVerapamil, antihistamines, nitrogen mustard, certain vitamins, retinoic acidsor even inject the scars with cancer or autoimmune illnesses medications canalso be productive. But there are several natural medications you can use.Bioskincaret is a cream which has a snail secretion which turned out to be veryeffective against these scars. It also has antioxidants and antimicrobialpeptides, which have the ability to fight the infection and repair the tissuedamaged by the condition. The cream regulates collagen production,glycosaminoglycans and dermal fibroblast proliferation. All of the stated itemsand abilities will definitely help if you have keloid scaring.

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