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The importance of being fit revolves around the fact that noexcessive fat will keep the organism healthy and away from the some medicalproblems. Those problems include hypertension, diabetes, heart issues,depression, loss of self-confidence etc. It is quite obvious that preventingthe accumulation of the fat tissue is very important and should be constantlyapplied.

Fat tissue

But what to do when excessive fat tissue already exists?What can be done? Exercising is the first thing that must be mentioned, but forsome that is simply not the option, not because it needs some effort andsweating, but because it requires time and space. Time is the biggest problemhere. Efficient exercising for weight reduction requires at least three trainingsession a week that should not last less than an hour. This might not seemmuch, but it is actually hard to change usually already tight weekly scheduleto squeeze in some exercising.

Diets and supplements

That is why people tend to turn to the other option and thatis dieting. Since there are literally hundreds of diets available today, it isonly a matter of time before finding the one that has the best effects. Thatbest diet is usually different for many of us, simply because we are alldifferent when it comes to anatomy, structure of excessive weight, rate ofbasal metabolism etc. What is also interesting is that the diets can and should becomplemented with supplements. Supplements are added into meals or are takensolo for the better effect of the diet. It might be for the best to usesupplements that are as natural as possible. Those are herbs, which areusually taken prepared as a tea. One of the most popular tea brands used for the weightloss process is green tea. It is still not clearly and precisely determined how green tea actually helps with losing weight, but some studies showed a significantloss of calories in people in the experimental group, comparing to the control group, which did not use green tea. Green tea weight loss study also shows that greentea has so many other positive effects. Those would be helping with somemedical conditions (such as cancer, infections and arthritis), which is aneffect that cannot be found easily in herbs, or even medicines. As for some side effects, there are none, although it can bementioned that occasional insomnia might happen because of the presence of caffeinein tea.

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