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Cherriesand Gout

Thebeneficial correlation between cherries and gout is widely known;cherry juice is a very popular non-medical treatment for gout andalthough it is not 100% effective in every person, the majority ofpeople benefit from it. Cherries contain active agents calledflavonoids. These strange sounding agents work to decrease the amountof uric acid present in the blood and help to stem the production ofthe acid, as well as calm the inflammation caused by gout.

Thishelps to cure gout because gout is caused by a build up of uric acidin the joints. The most common joints that are affected by thecondition are the ankles, feet and toes. What happens is that uricacid is transported via the blood stream and deposited in the jointsas tiny jagged crystals. As these crystals accumulate, they push outinto the tissues around the joints and inflame the surrounding area,causing intense pain.

Thelink between the cherries and gout was established in the 1950's in theUnited States during a study of gout sufferers. Each one consumed onepound of cherries or an equal amount of cherry juice daily. Everysubject showed remarkable improvement - the levels of uric acid intheir blood returned to normal levels and gout was nearly abolished.Mobility in the joints of the sufferers that were previouslyafflicted by gout was also improved as an added bonus. Since thattime, strawberries, blueberries and hawthorn berries have all beenfound to contain the prodigal flavonoids.

GoutPrevention and Treatment

Alteringone's dietary choices is the first step towards preventing or curinggout problems. Since uric acid is the only cause of gout, reducingthe production of uric acid or speeding its expulsion from the bodywill help reduce the risk of gout appearing.

Drinkplenty of water every day to help flush the uric acid from the blood.With a healthy amount of water intake, the kidneys will be able tofilter the uric acid out of the blood stream more effectively.Regular exercise and weight control can also help keep the uric acidlevels low, as well as promoting a healthy body overall. Eat plentyof fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain vitamin and minerallevels.

Althoughcherry juice has proven to be effective in fighting the gout, some casesof the affliction are severe enough to warrant specialist medication.In cases of severely painful gout, medical attention should besought. There are many medications available to relieve the pain, reduce the inflammation and decrease the uric acid build up. Remember, cherry juicedoes not work equally as well for every person, so do not rely solelyon that.

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