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What is gout?

The gout is very painful type of arthritis which is manifested as the swelling on the joints of the toes, most commonly of the outer side of the big toe. It happens when there is a high concentration of the uric acid in someone’s body, and it is, actually, the consequence of the accumulation of the crystals of the uric acid, which inevitably leads to the inflammation of the joint, medically called arthritis. The joint, additionally, becomes red and very painful, and even the attacks of pain can happen from time to time.

Besides the pain, which is the most prominent indicator of this disorder, and the mentioned changes which are likely to happen when affected by gout, there is also certain numbness, tenderness, itch, warmth of that area and the increased temperature of the body, and the scaling of the skin could be present, too. Of course, it is hard to walk, but some complications may be involved as well, such as the problems with kidneys (e.g. kidney stones).

More probable is the complication of the gout which is marked by extending to the other joints of the body (e.g. knee, elbow), but, luckily, one gout emerges at the time. Nevertheless, if not treated, this problem can grow into the chronic type.Prevention and treatment

So, it can be concluded that the people who already have suffered from the gout, arthritis or the kidney-related problems, are more prone to be affected by this disorder. However, leading an unhealthy lifestyle can make the risk of suffering from gout much higher. For example, alcohol and the foods rich in purine should be avoided. Also, being very fat and suffering from hypertension are very harmful stuff.

Anyway, the professional and traditional treatment with the prescribed medications is recommendable in any case of the gout, but there are some at home techniques which are focused on lessening the pain and disabling the mentioned painful attacks. First of all, the consumption of the uric acid must be minimized, that is, by consuming less shellfish, eggs, meat, caffeine and the fish that is rich in fats. Also, the intake of certain vegetables must be reduced. Those are the cereals in the form of the whole grain, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas in the dry form, lentils, and yeast.

When it comes to the beverages, as already pointed out, the alcoholic drinks must be substituted with at least one liter of water on a daily basis, especially for irrigating the organism from the remains of the uric acids. The teas are very beneficial, too (from peppermint and rosehip).

Also, one should consume one gram of the vitamin C daily and stay away from Aspirin and the similar medications. It is also good to mention that cherries are very beneficial for gout, since they successfully decompose and throw out the uric acid from the body.

Nevertheless, if the attack of the pain happens anyway, the first aid is to keep the ice over the gout for a few minutes and to repeat this action at every few minutes, while the leg and the foot is in the raised position.

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